A podcast that promotes possibilities, spirituality and optimization of self with the power of passion & persistence. With Passion & Persistence, anything is possible. Let’s push through this, together. 

The Passion & Persistence Podcast is dedicated to anyone chasing big dreams, striving to do amazing things, and maybe sometimes, feeling a little unseen. This podcast is your reminder that with Passion & Persistence, anything is possible!

Host Elaina Mitchell dives deep into topics related to business, spirituality and mindset, and psychology. You’ll hear from industry leaders and motivational speakers and you’ll get the chance to experience first-hand that greatness takes time. We want to join you on your journey, and cheer you along every step of the way.

Tune into the Passion & Persistence Podcast bi-weekly for your dose of inspiration, psychology deep dives, and motivation to keep going. Subscribe now on all platforms so you don’t miss a beat…